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Kirwan Students Experience the Moon Landing

Students will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission to the Moon.
Mr Browne has been busy preparing a fantastic presentation called Saturn V.  It is a celebration of the ingenuity that took three men to the moon 50 years ago.  Students will learn about the monumental machines and how each one was needed to let Neil Armstrong take that “one small step”.  

Students will then get to experience the size in real life with the Saturn V walk. Each machine will be painted to scale on the oval for them to get a true understanding of the scope and sheer size of each of these machines.  Then, to top it all off, we will be launching a scale model rocket of the Saturn V to end Science Week with a bang!  All of these events will be happening throughout the week during class time, but that doesn’t mean we have forgotten about the parents!

Starting at 3:00pm on Friday 16th August, Mr Browne will give a special presentation of the Saturn V show for parents and community.  Parents will then have an opportunity to explore the Saturn V walk with their children before finishing their afternoon with one final rocket launch.  The Saturn V scale model is scheduled to be launched at 4:15pm.All parents and family members are welcome, and we look forward to sharing this exciting week of science with you all!